Completing Taxes

I’m wondering if anyone can share any sites, info, best practices, etc. that are helpful with preparing for annual tax return. I bought a house this year, blah blah, but I also know there are things my partner and I should be claiming, but aren’t. I’m only looking for legal things (sales tax break, etc.)

If this is too ‘heated’ to be discussed here, please don’t hesitate to say so.

Is this something that a CPA or someone similar could help with, by analyzing our situation?

Thanks (in advance) for the help and support!

I have used H&R Block online for 8 years, with this return, never had a problem.

We us a software called turbo tax (here’s the link). It does a pretty good job for our residential type needs. (I can’t speak if you have a business or other complications.) The software opens up and it asks you a series of questions and you just answer them. It makes recommendations on what best way to fill. it even make recommendations on what you should do for next year! If you keep it on the same computer for the next year, it will remember your information from the previous year. It allows you to file for your state as well. (that may cost a little more, not sure) it cost about $40 or $50. The software has all the tax codes in it so it wont let you take deductions or credits unless you are eligible.

I used H&R block for several years also but last year I used Tax Slayer and had no problems. I don’t know if it is available this year but would assume it is.