There are great spreadsheets on this website to use

But it sounds like you really have to reign in your spending. You need to cut and budget for the week until you get back on track.

Write down what you need in necessity for the week, cut out coffee’s and snacks on the way to work. Make yourself a lunch and buy a case of bottled water and take a couple extra with you to work. In Canada you can get a case of 24 for 5 dollars, meanwhile one bottle is over $1 if you buy them at a machine or variety store.

Write out your static bills that you have to pay like gas for the car to get to work and that sort of thing. To get extra money for any urgent bills you can opt for Florida cash advance loans – never miss your payments!

It’s odd to me that you and your husband have ‘separate money’ but that’s not for me to say. We have no idea on what your bills are, but you should also set aside 20 to 30 dollars a week to savings.

Maybe you and your husband should pool your money for a month or so until you both get ahead and on a good budget.