I did try to make a plan, and am just not that structured

It’s good to get ‘clinical’ when discussing debt and how to get out of it.

I did try to make a plan, and am just not that structured. I have variables, such as if I work more hours at work, SSI takes more away. Because of that decent month of December and 3 pay periods in it – Regardless of one of them being to January’s bills-, SSI now says I will receive $264.50 from them for February. But, I also won’t have all those hours I had in December. This means to afford the collection agency and house insurance, I have to park $160.00 aside from these next 2 pay periods for it to come out without me winding up in the hole.

So I can and will do this, but my income can vacillate month to month. I make sure I have at least the minimums set aside. I have sold things like a guitar, a machinist’s tool chest, settings of fine china, some Waterford Crystal my mom left me and so on to pay down a lot of the debts, sent higher interest debt to lower interest credit card (Fed. Credit Union) and this is what’s been going on for the last 5 1/2 years.

Every time I tried to make out a plan in writing and all, something came along to muck it up. So I do go paycheck to paycheck paying and saving some too. It is working, and so far, I’ll keep on with that.

I have a bunch of laptop bags and such which no longer fit my MacBook Pro (Believe it or not, A GIFT! I got from a couple of Texans in August… BLESS THEM!!) so I know I can sell them… They’re in very good condition and also get the benefit of de-cluttering my cabinets. When I find things I think I can sell, I do and it’s helped a lot.

If a bill minimum is $10.00, *I* pay $20.00 or more when I have it, and if a bill is $82.00, but their FINANCE CHARGE is at $66.40 or like, I pay another $40-60 above that finance charge. I never realized how much those finance charges were racking up the debts till I took a good look at the bill(!)

Someone said it here on the list and this has really helped me see cards differently. They called them “Wallet Sized Loan Sharks” … Boy, was that a wake-up call!