Insurance companies question

Hi all,

I have to share a story about Farmers Insurance that some of you may appreciate.

My mom passed away in November, 2006. Although she was in the hospital for a month, it was a shock when it happened as there was no indication she was that ill – just kind of went downhill.

Anyway, I’m trying to straighten out her affairs and get things settled. So far, everyone has been sympathetic, kind, and helpful. But now I have to deal with the insurance on her house (separate from mine). Her agent tells me that I owe over $400 to reinstate the insurance since she stopped making payments of $55 a month in November. Duh! Kind of hard to write a check when you’re dead.

At first I figured I’d just go ahead and pay the bill but as I thought about it, I felt it was unconscionable and unethical for them to extort money early like this.

I was very proud of myself. I didn’t swear and just loudly told the agent (who didn’t know details like when the policy expired or other important information) either he gets me back on the payment plan my mother had or I’ll make the one payment and it will be the last time I deal with him or Farmers Insurance. That seems fair to me.

Thanks for listening.

Stick to your guns. It does sound like they are trying to pull one on you. There are too many insurance companies as their competitors. I’m sure they’d prefer to keep your business in the long term than lose it over $400 now. It’s great that you kept your cool – even if you got angry.