We leave on vacation tomorrow

I’ll be going no mail for a while. We rented a house in New Mexico with my sis and her family. She found a site on the Internet and found this house to rent. I sure hope everything goes well with the rental because it sure is an easy way to find a great place to rent and sharing it makes it easier on the wallet. If it turns out well I’ll probably check for houses on the west coast for a trip next year.

I’ve prepared most of our meals for the week. Froze breakfast burritos, waffles, enchiladas and pork chili, sloppy joes, etc. I’m trying to make this trip very inexpensive. We are building a deck and it is costing more than I had saved. In the process of this, my husbands car broke down and we had to get another vehicle. Now we are not debt free anymore and I hate it and I want to get out of debt.

Then I found out this week that my daughter has to have braces, $4200, insurance is good but not that good! So this trip is going to be cheap. Then when we get back I will double up payments or as best I can. Anyone know of inexpensive things to see and do in Taos and Santa Fe? Terry